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Novosibirsk was founded in 1893. Now it takes the 13-th place by the area and the 3-rd place by the population in the Russian Federation.

The city has developed industry, trade, culture, science, transport. These directions have made it an important centre of the federal meaning. Informally Novosibirsk is considered to be the main city of Siberia, in other words – the capital of Siberia.

The city is built on the territory of Priobskoe plato on the border with the river Ob. The total area of the city is 502,1 square kilometres. 1,5 million of people live in Novosibirsk.

There are a lot of sights in the city such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, museum of Local Lore, State Academic Opera and Ballet theatre, Philarmony, Museum of railway technique, the Zoo with more than 700 kinds of animals, Children’s railway with the length more than 5 kilometres, Botanic garden, the largest one in Asian part of the country. Novosibirsk has a big water reservoir that is a favourite place for citisens’rest.

The climatic conditions:

The city is situated in the continental climatic zone. The temperature varies greatly. The average January temperature is minus 16 degrees, the average July temperature is plus 19 degrees. Winters are severe and snowy with strong snowstorms and winds. Sometimes there are thaws. Summer periods of the year are hot but with short-termed heavy rains. The weather in autumn and spring is changeable. Guests of the city should take into consideration the peculiarities of the weather when they plan their visit.     

Features of Novosibirsk:

It is a large city with well-developed industry. It has 214 average and big enterprises, which produce more than 60% production in the region. The main brunches are gas supply, energetics, metallurgy, machine building, metallurgical processing.

Novosibirsk is a comfortable city for business, many trade companies have chosen it for placing their main representations.

The city has a good transport communication with large railway and road lines. It is also a big river port.

The theatrical life of Novosibirsk deserves special attention. Apart from the famous Opera and Ballet House, there are 10 different theatres.

The city has a lot of trade centres, hypermarkets, big car centres, food markets.

Novosibirsk is a very interesting city, every tourist can find something special according to his or her taste. 

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